Dr. Liz Klonoff on 5-Day Rule


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UCF Researchers in Top 2% of Their Field

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Free and Practical Cyber Security Expo Includes Tracks for Researchers


October 21, 2020 –October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), and throughout the month, UCF InfoSec will be sharing security information and hosting events to help you and UCF stay secure from cybersecurity threats.

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Regulations Regarding High-Risk Entities


Sept. 21, 2020 – The U.S. Government prohibits U.S. entities from engaging in activities with parties that are identified on the U.S. Denied Parties Lists.

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Reminder about Required Nondiscrimination Notice in Federally Funded Conferences


Sept. 14, 2020 -- A reminder that nondiscrimination notices must be included in federally funded conferences/experiences.

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New Federal Indirect Rate Effective Sept. 1


Sept. 1, 2020 -- Effective today, Sept. 1, all researchers should use the new indirect rate of 52 percent for on-campus research proposals.

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When Conducting Research Amid COVID-19, Don’t Forget Export Controls


July 16, 2020 -- Under these current and unprecedented circumstances, many UCF faculty, staff and students are collaborating and working remotely.

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Graduate Studies Spotlight





New Sponsored Awards


A big shout-out to all UCF investigators who received sponsored awards in December!  The list includes total expected amount of funding for each listed award.  Congratulations to all!


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