Award Closeout

The following guideline pertains to awards for which the Office of Research is required to submit final administrative materials (invoice, fiscal and patent reports, etc.) within the 'standard' 90 days after the end date. The timeframe may change if a sponsor has other requirements.

60-90 Days Prior to the Project End Date

The Office of Research will send an automated message to the PI (via e-mail from with a list of steps that need to be completed to ensure order project close-out.

PI responsibilities include:

  1. Communicating with the Contract Team if a no cost extension is needed or to verify the status of award renewal or continuation.
  2. Assist in the closeout process as follows:
    1. Ensure financial data is accurate and complete.
      1. Ensure all project costs are incurred by the project end date.
      2. Correct any deficits indicated in the burn-rate report.
      3. If any cost transfers need to be processed, please contact the Office of Research Compliance at
      4. Review any outstanding commitments and inform Finance and Accounting (F&A) of those that can be relieved or unencumbered.
      5. Verify all cost share commitments have been fulfilled.
      6. Verify all effort reports for faculty, A&P, and contracted OPS have been submitted.
    2. Ensure all deliverables have been submitted, or will be submitted as scheduled.
    3. Ensure subcontractor(s) have completed all necessary deliverables, submitted all required reports and will submit their final invoice within forty-five (45) calendar days of the subcontract end date.
    4. Contact your College/Department office and/or Human Resources to ensure personnel are transferred off the C&G account by the end of the project period.
    5. Contact your Contract Manager to confirm the status of any intellectual property and, if needed, submit an Invention Disclosure Form.
    6. Contact your Contract Manager to confirm the disposition of any equipment.

90 Day Period After a Project Ends

Costs will continue to post to the project for up to 60 days after the end date (e.g., final month's payroll, payments for orders placed close to the end date, etc.). During this time, the PI and department can also make cost transfers necessary to correct errors or overexpenditures.

As soon as appropriate, but in no event longer than 60 days after the end date, the project will be closed to further activity and F&A will prepare the final invoice to the sponsor, as well as any required fiscal reports.

The Office of Research will coordinate with the sponsor to determine vesting rights to equipment (property) procured during the performance of the project and disposition instructions for any sponsor loaned equipment.

The Office of Research will prepare all closing documents as required by the award and ensure submission to the appropriate administrator at the sponsor. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Final Patent Report
  2. Final Notice of Copyright
  3. Final Property Report
  4. Final Technical Report prepared by the PI
  5. Final Cost Report/Invoice prepared by F&A
  6. Final Confirmation regarding closeout of security issues (DD254)
  7. Other reports required by the award

The Office of Research will authorize the transfer of equipment acquired during the project period to the PI's balance account or any other non-sponsored research account authorized by the PI, as appropriate.

For Fixed Price Awards

Office of Research will authorize the transfer of remaining funds (up to 10% for federal projects and 20% for nonfederal sponsors) to the PI's balance account. Transfers cannot be authorized until all revenue is received from the sponsor and all deliverables have been submitted by the PI.

If a project is awarded on a fixed-price basis and a 10% Service Fee is approved in lieu of UCF's full F&A rate, any residual funds at the end of the project period/close-out will remain with the Office of Resarch.

Serving Faculty

The Office of Research serves UCF scholars as the official liaison between UCF and funding sources and by helping faculty work through the proposal and contract management process.

This site includes information to assist university scholars through the announcement, application and post-award stages and to familiarize prospective partners with the breadth of funded research conducted at the university.

UCF is committed to the pursuit of excellence and intellectual growth and seeks to excel at moving ideas to innovation and realization. The Carnegie Foundation rates UCF as a "very high research activity" university. We’ve been on an upward trajectory for years and in 2021 UCF surpassed the $212.9 million dollar mark in external funding. UCF's pioneering efforts to commercialize technology continue to stimulate local economies throughout the state. The number of patents at UCF also continue to climb with 64 U.S. issued patents produced in 2021.

Budget Templates

Below you will find NIH and NS budget templates. Although they are tailored for NIH or NSF, they can be used for developing your budget for any funding source.