UCF Office of Research - Contracts Office


The UCF Office of Research - Contracts Office supports research and educational efforts by drafting, reviewing, negotiating, signing, and performing certain administrative functions regarding agreements with external entities for all agreements requiring negotiation that are associated with research activities with the UCF Board of Trustees (UCF BOT) as the legal party to the agreement, including both funded (e.g., sponsored research agreements) and unfunded agreements (e.g., data use agreements).

Contracts Officers are assigned contracts based on department and type of agreement. Here are the current assignments and organizational chart.

To reduce administrative steps associated with contract negotiations, the Contracts Office provides our standard templates on this page. Download and share these approved template agreements with potential research collaborators.

External collaborators that opt to use an unmodified copy of a UCF template will experience significantly expedited processing times. The Contracts Office will be able to process the agreement for UCF without delay since there will be no need to review terms and conditions or negotiate changes with the other party.

Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) - A contract between the University and a sponsor for the purposes of funding and conducting research. An SRA may be supported by funding from any type of entity, including for-profit (e.g., private industry), governmental, or non-profit sponsors. An SRA may be structured as a fixed price or cost reimbursable agreement.

Fixed Price SRA template

Cost Reimbursement SRA template

Master Agreement (MA) – A contract between two parties that provides for multiple research projects to be funded under one agreement. The scope of work and any project specific information are attached to a Master Agreement by way of a pre-negotiated task order. MAs expedite the processing of task orders; however, an MA requires a more comprehensive approach to negotiation as the terms need to address a wide range of potential projects.

Cost Reimbursement MA template

Fixed Price MA template

Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) - A contract that is required to ensure certain information disclosed in discussions or transmissions is kept confidential and is only used for the limited purposes defined in the CDA. CDAs can also be referred to as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

Individual CDA template (needed when exchanging confidential information with an individual)

Two Party CDA template
(needed when exchanging confidential information with an external entity)

Multi-party CDA template (needed when exchanging confidential information with multiple external entities)

Material Transfer Agreement Incoming (MTA) - A contract that is required when receiving physical materials from a non-UCF entity. UCF’s Technology Transfer Office is responsible for MTAs where UCF is sending UCF materials to an external entity.

UCF utilizes the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) and Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) MTA templates. UCF modifies the AUTM MTA templates to include two terms clarifying assumption of liability and affirming UCF’s right to retain one copy of all documents for legal and archival purposes.

Data Use Agreement (DUA) - A contract that may be required when there will be a transfer of data, or a dataset. A DUA may or may not consist of human subject data. DUAs can be either Incoming (UCF receives data from an outside entity) or Outgoing (data housed at UCF is shared with an outside entity). DUAs can also be referred to as a Data Transfer and Use Agreement (DTUA).

UCF utilizes the Federal Demonstration Partnership’s (FDP) DTUA templates.

Florida Statute 286.101 reporting requirements for entities wanting to engage in business with UCF

UCF is a state agency. Section 286.101, Florida Statutes requires any entity that applies to a state agency or political subdivision for a grant or proposes a contract having a value of $100,000 or more shall disclose to the state agency or political subdivision any current or prior interest of, any contract with, or any grant or gift received from a foreign country of concern if such interest, contract, or grant or gift has a value of $50,000 or more and such interest existed at any time or such contract or grant or gift was received or in force at any time during the previous 5 years. Such disclosure shall include the name and mailing address of the disclosing entity, the amount of the contract or grant or gift or the value of the interest disclosed, the applicable foreign country of concern and, if applicable, the date of termination of the contract or interest, the date of receipt of the grant or gift, and the name of the agent or controlled entity that is the source or interest holder. Within 1 year before applying for any grant or proposing any contract, such entity must provide a copy of such disclosure to the Department of Financial Services. For more information regarding this disclosure requirement please review Section 286.101, Florida Statutes.

For questions and additional information, please contact the Department of Financial Services: https://www.myfloridacfo.com/.

Serving Faculty

The Office of Research serves UCF scholars as the official liaison between UCF and funding sources and by helping faculty work through the proposal and contract management process.

This site includes information to assist university scholars through the announcement, application and post-award stages and to familiarize prospective partners with the breadth of funded research conducted at the university.

UCF is committed to the pursuit of excellence and intellectual growth and seeks to excel at moving ideas to innovation and realization. The Carnegie Foundation rates UCF as a "very high research activity" university. We�ve been on an upward trajectory for years and in 2021 UCF surpassed the $212.9 million dollar mark in external funding. UCF's pioneering efforts to commercialize technology continue to stimulate local economies throughout the state. The number of patents at UCF also continue to climb with 64 U.S. issued patents produced in 2021.

Budget Templates

Below you will find NIH and NSF budget templates. Although they are tailored for NIH or NSF, they can be used for developing your budget for any funding source.