Commercialization... How We Can Help You

The Technology Transfer Team Guides scientists and inventors through the complex patenting and commercialization process.

The Venture Accelerator mentors entrepreneurs in business plan development, market analysis, investor pitch creation, and products/intellectual property validation.

For Central Florida entrepreneurs looking to commercialize technology, UCF's award-winning Business Incubation Network offers mentoring and advice in all aspect of Business developing and growth.

For Stage 2 companies, the GrowFL program offers access to a suite of high-end, high-speed technical assistance and business resources that includes information and decision-making tools that are typically only available to larger companies.

The UCF Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (UCF CIE) is a university-wide program that consolidates and coordinates UCF’s major innovation and entrepreneurship support activities to leverage university and regional partnerships. Its mission is to promote innovation, wealth creation, and the economic vitality of the Central Florida region. It will accomplish this by three objectives, which include education, research and outreach.

Other Resources Include