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The Office of Research & Commercialization is making available a database to recruit participants for research studies. Research participants are often undergraduates who receive credit for their time, however the opportunity is open to anyone interested in taking part in a research study. They delve into questions as diverse as the effect of distractions such as cell phones and text messaging on drivers and the neurological impacts of certain computer tasks. In addition to the educational value most studies offer some type of incentive or stipend for participants. To sign up as a participant go to and click on Request An Account under the New Participant bar on the lower left of the page. Faculty interested in using the Sona website to recruit research participants should contact the UCF-IST SONA Administrator at for a user name and password.

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Dr. Perez. A UCF press release featuring Assistant Professor Manuel Perez is featured on a National Institutes of Health website. The story is the first link on the right top of the page "Special Sugar, Nanoparticles Combine to Detect Cholera Toxin." You can see the story at Congratulations to Dr. Perez!

Suhtling Wong, worked on the video featured on the ORC homepage, Research is a Way of Life, has won a CASE III Award of Excellence and is in the running for the grand award in February.

The Council for Advancement of Education and Support (CASE) is education's leading resource for knowledge, standards, advocacy and training in alumni relations, communications, fundraising, marketing and related activities.