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New Faculty Orientation ORC Presentation:


An overview to the UCF Office of Research. A preview of the many kinds of services, professional development resources and opportunities available to UCF faculty throughout the year. Current year PowerPoint presentation



New Faculty ORC Series Workshops:


These series of workshops provide depth details and educate UCF faculty on each of the Office of Research available units that service them with their research. It involves how to navigate the research process from finding funding to protecting intellectual property.



NSF CAREER Series Workshops:


These series of workshops bring information to young faculty interested in submitting a NSF CAREER proposal. The information presented helps them better compete when they submit their CAREER grant applications.



Specific Focus Workshops:


The Office of Research periodically organizes workshops for specific funding programs from federal agencies such as NSF, NIH, DARPA, and others. These workshops typically include panelís discussions of successfully funded faculty and working sessions on developing a strong proposal.





The Office of Research brings the internet technology to our faculty members when webinars featuring research topics of interest are available. We have the possibility to connect in real-time with agencies that mainly offer the information via webinars.



For more information, please contact:


Marisol Ortega-Pérez

Assistant Director, Research Outreach Services

(407) 882-0185


April Torre

Outreach Assistant

(407) 882-1900