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Research Development coordinates the UCF Collaborates events in the Spring and Fall semesters. The goal of these topic-specific events is to connect researchers with complementary expertise, provide a platform for the exchange of ideas across disciplines, build multi and interdisciplinary teams, and secure external funding.





UCF Collaborates: Health October 12, 2022 View Presentation and Recording

UCF Collaborates: Digital Arts and Entertainment March 22, 2023 View Presentation and Recording

UCF-ASU Collaborate: Energy and Sustainability October 11, 2023 View Presentation and Recording

A searchable master directory has been created to enable internal/external researchers to identify relevant UCF collaborators. The directory includes the research keywords of all event participants. In addition, many participants have provided information about expertise they are seeking, and expertise they can provide. The directory will be updated after each UCF Collaborates event.









The Research Development team can assist with making connections to potential collaborators and helping newly formed collaborative teams with identifying relevant funding opportunities. Please contact us at ResDev@ucf.edu