Research Development About Us



Saiful Khondaker, PhD
Interim Asst. VP for Research Advancement

(407) 823-2047 |

  • Who he is: Dr. Saiful Khondaker is the Interim Assistant Vice President for Research Advancement, and a professor of nanotechnology, physics, and electrical engineering at the University of Central Florida (UCF).
  • What he does: Khondaker is leading several initiatives in Research Development, External Research Partnerships, Large proposal developments, and implementation of several key initiatives of OR strategic plan.
  • What he can help you with: Mentoring of junior faculty in competitive proposal development, one-on-one meetings with faculty to address any research/proposal-related needs, developing industry connections to promote UCF faculty research portfolio, team development for large/complex proposals

Joshua Roney, PhD
Director, Research Development

407-882-0007 |

  • Who he is: Texts and Technology UCF alumni, working in RD since 2010.
  • What he does: Leads RD team operations, special initiatives, strategic planning, partnerships with other offices, RD info/resources, and EARLIER program.
  • What he can help you with: Proposal development, teaming, internal programs, and support systems (e.g., Pivot, InfoReady, SciENcv, research cubes).


Madhavi (Maddy) Chokshi
Research Development Specialist II
407-823-5484 |

  • Who she is: Journalism UCF alumni, working in RD since 1993.
  • What she does: Coordinating internal and collaboration programs (mentoring, pitch circles, UCF Collaborates), onboarding new faculty and supporting early career faculty programs, coordinating peer review, and providing supplemental document review and assistance for EARLIER.
  • What she can help you with: Proposal Development and Program Coordination (sample funded proposals, peer reviews, finding internal and external collaborators, mentoring programs, and document review).

April Torre
Outreach Coordinator
407-823-0263 |

  • Who she is: Public Admin UCF alumni, working in RD since 2010.
  • What she does: Focusing on planning workshops through year and OR/FL-RDA conferences, RD site, UCF Collaborates, and supplemental doc assistance (EARLIER)
  • What she can help you with: Outreach and Communication (Event Planning, connecting with areas on campus, public announcements, workshops and next steps).


Megan Kellogg
Research Development Specialist II
407-823-2806 |

  • Who she is: Central Florida native, UCF Alumni, joined RD team in 2017.
  • What she does: Funding opportunity related services / resources, outreach and distribution and EARLIER supplemental document assistance (C&P coordinator for RD team).
  • What she can help you with: Funding Opportunity searches and resources.


Carol Bristol, PhD
Grant Writer

407-882-0113 |

  • Who she is: A Howard University, New York University, and University of California, Riverside Alumna, working in RD since 2023.
  • What she does: Grant writing and editorial review of scientific proposals.
  • What she can help you with: Annotated feedback on proposal drafts, logic model and rubric design, as well as consultation on APA and Chicago Manual writing styles, including general grammar and punctuation review.


Mark Gauthier
Technical Communicator
407-882-0243 |

  • Who he is: Technical Communicator. A relatively new Knight - joined RD team in April of 2023.
  • What he does: Provides graphic design, writing, and editing support to research faculty who are preparing large, multi-discipline grant proposals. As a primary member of EARLIER, his graphic design and grant writing is focused on going beyond the research and technology to clearly communicate the technological innovation and real-world impact of each project.
  • What he can help you with: Grant proposal graphic design, info-graphic support, grant writing, technical writing, and copy editing.

Hanin Alhaddad
Competitive Intelligence Assistant

  • Who she is: Hanin Alhaddad is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Industrial Engineering and Computer Science department at UCF. Alongside her academic pursuits, she has been a Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Analyst within the Research Development team since 2019.
  • What she does: Competitive intelligence analysis and data-focused initiatives. She strives to assist faculty in making data-driven recommendations to increase competitiveness.
  • What she can help you with: Funding Landscape and past awardee analysis, help in seeking internal data, and resources to help in crafting compelling grant proposals.