This resource page was created to provide helpful resources for IRB members.  Additional resources will be posted for IRB members' reference and use as new information becomes available.

IRB Forum

The IRB Forum promotes the discussion of ethical, regulatory and policy concerns with human subjects research. The IRB Forum strives to create an atmosphere for open and respectful conversation about issues of mutual interest to the members. Although the privacy of e-mail cannot be guaranteed, the members of The IRB Forum should respect the confidentiality and opinions of others on the list. Please review the features, policy and procedures of The IRB Forum before requesting membership. Individuals who fail to abide by the terms of membership are subject to removal from The IRB Forum.

The IRB Forum is open to past and current members of Institutional Review Boards (IRB) or Research Ethics Committees (REC), IRB/REC administrators, individuals involved in IRB/REC oversight, and others with professional involvement in IRB/REC and/or research activities. Others will be admitted if their involvement in human subjects research will contribute to the discussion of issues pertinent to The IRB Forum. International participants are welcome. There is no membership fee.
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