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Payroll Certification at UCF


The University of Central Florida has completed its upgrade to its certification system. UCF will be transitioning from an effort-based certification, ECRT, to a payroll-based certification using Huronís Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) system.

UCF Employee Compensation Compliance

The Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) system is designed to help comply with the provisions of UCF’s Time and Effort policy, federal policy (Uniform Guidance, Subpart E - Cost Principles §200.430), NIH Salary Limitation on Grants, and other relevant agency policies that govern the need to provide certification of an individual's effort pursuant to his/her sponsored and non-sponsored programs. Please direct any questions to the ECC Administrator, Daniel Sierra at Daniel.Sierra@ucf.edu.

The ECC system can be accessed using the link listed. above You will use your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials to log in.

The current schedule for ECC is as follows:


Monday, Sept. 20th through Wednesday, Sept. 29th – Pre-Review Period begins; Department Coordinators are to log into the ECC system and complete all necessary Pre-Reviews

Thursday, Sept. 30th – Certification Period begins; All statements that have been Pre-Reviewed by the Dept. Coordinators will move into a Not Certified status and Self Certifiers will be notified that their statements and the statements of their researchers are ready for certification.
NOTE: A statement is required to be Pre-Reviewed before certification can be completed, even after the Certification Period has begun.

Saturday, October 30th – Certification Period closes; All statements should be Pre-Reviewed by Dept. Coordinators and Certified by faculty and staff

Our office is working to provide policy and guideline updates to be shared with the community and uploaded to the website.

Policy & Procedures TO BE UPDATED SOON

  • UCF Time and Effort Guidance & Directive COMING SOON
  • Direct Costing Policy COMING SOON
  • Time and Effort Policy COMING SOON
  • Cost Share Policy COMING SOON


Job Aids & Resources

Links to the Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) training documents:



Office of Research:  The Office of Research is responsible for business aspects of the Time and Effort reporting system (ECC), as well as manages security roles/rights for ECC and provides user access to the system. We will continue to update our website accordingly and ask that all ECC questions related to policy/procedure/guideline be forwarded to Daniel Sierra (Daniel.Sierra@ucf.edu) and Ann Descorbeth (Ann.Descorbeth@ucf.edu).


Contact Daniel Sierra at 407-882-2015; Daniel.Sierra@ucf.edu or Ann Descorbeth at Ann.Descorbeth@ucf.edu for additional questions and resources.
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