Sustainability in Research through Compliance

Serving to preserve the integrity by mitigating conflicts of interest in order to protect research subjects and maintain the independence of research results.

Preserving the Public Trust in Science through the Responsible Conduct of Research and fostering an environment of integrity and honesty in all research endeavors.

Striving to educate and conduct research in harmony with export control laws and regulations.

ECRT is a web-based technology that intuitively guides certifiers and administrators through the various facets of the effort reporting and certification process on a periodic basis.

The IRB Committee established to protect the rights and welfare of human participants involved in research.

Providing support to our customers to safeguard classified information by delivering security training/education and awareness in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program in support of national security.

IACUC is responsible for oversight and evaluation of the University animal care and use program, its procedures and facilities to ensure that they are consistent with the recommendations of the Guide, AWR, PHS Policy, and IACUC Policies.

Contact Information:

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Contact Information


Sophia Dziegielewski
IRB Chair
Email: or
Phone: 407-823-2208


Joanne Muratori
IRB Coordinator
Email: or
Phone: 407-823-2901

Patria Davis
IRB Coordinator
Email: or
Phone: 407-882-2012


Financial Compliance, Effort Certification


Doug Backman
Director, Office of Compliance
Phone: (407) 882-1168

Michele Cristinzio
Executive Secretary to Doug Backman
Phone: (407) 882-1131

Mary Stanley
Assistant Director of Compliance
Phone: (407) 823-2836


Jaswinder "Cookie" Kaur
Assistant Director
Phone: (407) 882-2228


Maxine Tunstall
Compliance Manager
Phone: (407) 882-1118

Jill Aller
Compliance Manager
Phone: (407) 882-1134

Barbara Ward
Coordinator for Research Prog./Svcs.

Phone: (407) 882-0348


Daniel Sierra
eCRT/Compliance Manager
Phone: (407) 882-2015


Jyra Barnes
eCRT/Compliance Coordinator
Phone: (407) 823-4445

Kalpana Deva
Coordinator for Research Prog./Svcs.

Phone: (407) 882-0174


Kathy Kuhns
Compliance Coordinator

Phone: (407) 823-0263