News & Updates

Regulatory Updates

06/16/2015 US 'export rules' threaten research
01/22/2014 New Sentencing Hearing Scheduled for Professor Roth
09/26/2013 Flu Researcher Ron Fouchier Loses Legal Fight Over H5N1 Studies
06/18/2012 Export Control Reform—Is Change Really Coming? What Will It Mean To You?
05/31/2011 Overhaul of Dual-Use Export Control Law Introduced in House
Technology Security Act (pdf)
04/21/2011 Spending Bill Prohibits U.S.-China Collaborations
04/2011 Export Controls and Sactions: Recent Developments
03/14/2011 I-129 Visa Applicant Fact Sheet
03/14/2011 Deemed Export Licensing Guidance
11/09/2010 956 - Executive Order 13558 - Export Enforcement Coordination Center
11/04/2010 942 - Executive Order 13556 - Controlled Unclassified Information
09/02/2010 Officials Provide More Details on Export Control Reform
08/31/2010 Assistant Secretary Kevin Wolf's Remarks to the Update Conference
08/30/2010 Video Remarks by the President to the Department of Commerce Annual Export Controls Update Conference
08/30/2010 WH Moves Forward With Export Control Reform
07/15/2010 Gates's Last Stand? Export Control Reform and Its Prospects for Success
07/02/2010 Administration Moving Ahead with Three-Phase Export Control Reform Program
06/08/2010 Update on Export Control Reform
04/22/2010 US to Overhaul Restrictions on Sensitive Material
09/18/2009 Export-Control Laws Worry Academics


01/11/2011 DoD/DSS Publishes 2010 Unclassified Edition of “Targeting U.S. Technologies: A Trend Analysis of Reporting from Defense Industry”
04/21/2010 Gates Unveils Administration Export Control Plan
08/28/2009 CBP to continue searches of travelers' laptops

Enforcement Actions

06/05/2015 China Seen in Push to Gain Technology Insights
06/01/2015 Sex, Lies and Espionage: Did a Professor Spy for the FBI?
06/01/2015 FBI Tried to Get Agent's Secret E-Mail on China Spy Plans Back
05/28/2015 China, espionage, conspiracy, and bribery: A science story
05/19/2015 Chinese professors among 6 charged with economic espionage
05/15/2015 College of Engineering network disabled in response to sophisticated cyberattack
04/10/2015 Nuclear worries stop Intel from selling chips to Chinese supercomputers
10/22/2013 Bo Jiang's Access to NASA's Langley Research Center
05/22/2013 Manhattan U.S. Attorney and FBI Assistant Director in Charge Announce Criminal Complaint Against Three New York-Based University Researchers for Conspiring to Receive Bribes from a Chinese Company and a Chinese Government-Supported Research Institute
11/01/2012 Why the Professor Went to Prison
07/17/2012 Summary of Major U.S. Export Enforcement, Economic Espionage, Trade Secret and Embargo-Related Criminal Cases
10/03/2011 Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Roth Appeal
04/14/2011 Christian Groups Target FAU Prof for Dismissal
04/12/2011 Welcome to the U.S., We’ll Take Your Laptop Now
03/27/2011 Chinese students steal secrets: inventor James Dyson
03/09/2011 2011 Defense Contractor Arrested for Handcarrying Information in Laptop
01/15/2011 John Reece Roth Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion
01/05/2011 U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirming conviction of Reece Roth
11/2010 Summary of Major U.S. Export Enforcement andEmbargo Criminal Prosecutions 2007 to Present (pdf)
10/22/2010 Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Spy for the People’s Republic of China
07/28/2010 US Charges Scientist with Economic Espionage
06/01/2010 Accused Russian Spy Cynthia Murphy Tried to Recruit Columbia Profs, Students
06/30/2010 Suspect in Spy Case Cultivated Friends Made at Harvard
06/15/2010 The Trend of Overlapping Enforcement of Anti-Corruption and Export Controls
04/21/2009 Universities Look for Lessons as Professor Awaits Sentencing Over Export-Law Violations
09/03/ 2008 Retired University of Tennessee Professor Convicted of Arms Export Violations
03/18/2004 Plague Professor Gets Two Years in Bioterror Case
  Retired University Professor Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Arms Export Violations Involving Citizen of China

General News

06/14/2016 Chinese espionage and intelligence activities at all time high, experts say
05/20/2016 U.S. Targets Spying Threat on Campus with Proposed Research Clampdown
09/08/2015 FBI Investigates China Ties of Ohio State Professor who Resigned, Disappeared
07/09/2015 DoJ Memos on ITAR Prior Restraint
05/18/2015 How An American Tourist Lost His Passport In Istanbul And Was Sucked Into Syria’s War
05/15/2015 Chinese Hackers Force Penn State to Unplug Engineering Computers
05/06/2015 3-D Printed Gun Lawsuit Starts the War between Arms Control and Free Speech
03/13/2015 U.S. Senator Pushes to Ban Iranians from Studying Nuclear Science in U.S. Programs
02/18/2015 UMass Amherst Reverses Controversial Policy on Iranian Students
02/16/2015 Excluding Iranian Students
02/13/2015 UMass Amherst Tells Iranian Students They Need Not Apply To Certain Programs
02/13/2015 Some Iranian Graduate Students are Barred from UMass-Amherst
11/08/2012 Bridging Science and Security for Biological Research: A Discussion About Dual Use Review and OVersight at Research Institutions
07/19/2012 Demystifying Department of Commerce Export Controls for the Biosafety Professional
05/12/2012 Export Controls and the Tensions Between Academic Freedom and National Security
04/30/2012 Military Secrets Leak from U.S. Universities With Rules Flouted
04/10/2012 Bird Flu Studies Mired in Export Control Law Limbo
04/10/2010 American Universities' Culture Of Opennes Attracts Students — And Spies
04/08/2012 American Universities Infected by Foreign Spies Detected by FBI
02/10/2012 Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery
07/08/2011 Higher Education and National Security: The Targeting of Sensitive, Proprietary, and Classified Information on Campuses of Higher Education
05/25/2011 A Call for Self-Restraint in Disclosure of Sensitive Information
06/07/2010 Export Reform Boulder Moves Further Up Mountain