Frozen Smoke Nominated for Katerva award

A UCF research project has been nominated for the first-ever Katerva Awards, described as a new kind of open-source 'Nobel Prize' for sustainability. The Frozen Smoke project, which received national media coverage, infused the world's lightest carbon material with nanotubes. The results could lead to advances in robotic surgery, detection of pollutants and even increased battery capacity. Individual researchers nominated for the award, which will be presented in New York's Lincoln Center in December, are professors Lei Zhai, Saiful Khondaker, Sudipta Seal and Quanfang Chen and postdoctoral associate Jianhua Zou, all affiliated with the NanoScience Technology Center. Nominee initiatives must survive a rigorous evaluation process involving 300+ recognized experts, 6 filtering phases, and 12 stages of focused review designed to find and shine a spotlight on the best sustainability efforts on the planet.

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