Conducting research with/at Adventhealth, Orlando Health or Nemours

What if I plan to conduct research with or at AdventHealth, Orlando Health or Nemours?  Do I have to submit to both UCF IRB and the IRB where the research is being conducted?

UCF has an agreement with AdventHealth, Orlando Health and Nemours.  UCF faculty members, researchers, and students (College of Medicine students for the most part) who plan to conduct research at the hospital or with the hospital’s patients or employees must submit the appropriate application, protocol, and other study documents to the hospital IRB.  When the study is submitted to the hospital’s IRB, their IRB office sends an e-mail to UCF IRB with information regarding UCF researcher involvement (this may be a new study or an addendum that is adding the UCF researcher to a previously approved study) and UCF IRB is given access to review the submission. If the UCF IRB reviewer has questions or revision suggestions, these are shared with the hospital IRB so that they can be addressed prior to approval by the hospital’s IRB.

After the hospital IRB approves the study and issues their IRB approval letter, the UCF PI must make a submission in the Huron system strictly for record-keeping purposes.  The submission must include the Huron study application, the approved protocol, the approved Informed Consent, other study documents, as appropriate, and the other institution’s IRB approval letter. When submitting in Huron, be sure to add the faculty advisor (if applicable) and department chair/dean/director as ancillary reviewers. The UCF IRB will review the submission, change the status in Huron to “External IRB” and send the PI (and others) an IRB letter to that effect via Huron.