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Proposal Peer Review:


    Proposal peer reviews of draft proposals can provide feedback to a researcher, enhance the quality of the submission and cultivate a collaborative culture.

    These articles talk about the importance of peer review:
  • Inside Higher Ed - This article discusses a study from Columbia University’s School of Nursing that found that pilot grant applications that underwent an internal review were twice as likely as non-reviewed applications to receive funding.

  • Academic Psychiatry - This article discusses using peer review to improve research and promote collaboration.

Types of Targeted Review - Our team can coordinate different types of proposal reviews to help maximize the competitiveness of proposals.

Internal/External Peer and Expert Review Process - The purpose of an internal/external review is to provide a preemptive review of the proposal to enable the PI to make changes to improve its chances of funding.

The Benefits of Being a Peer Reviewer – Serving as a proposal reviewer for grant funding agencies is a great way to learn about the grant process, become familiar with a particular grant program or funding agency, stay current about your research area, and network with colleagues and funding agency representatives in your field. See the Chronicle of Higher Education article on “Why I Became a Grant Reviewer”. If you are interested in serving as a grant reviewer, click on the links below:

The Art and Science of Reviewing Proposals - this page has helpful tips and resources for writing high quality reviews

DISCLAIMER:  Please note the internal peer review services offered by the Research Development team are different from the research administration review that is provided by Research Administrators in the Office of Research. That review is the required standard finalization process for all proposal submissions by UCF investigators.






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