What is a Sponsored Project?

Sponsored projects are established when funds are awarded to the University of Central Florida by external sources in support of research, instruction, training, service, or other scholarly activities under an agreement where any one of the following conditions applies:

  • The proposal requires endorsement (i.e., a formal signature or other method of acceptance), that binds UCF to a set assurances on behalf of the University.
  • The award instrument requires endorsement (i.e., a formal signature or other method of acceptance), and binds the University to a set of terms and conditions.
  • The agreement obligates the PI to a line of scholarly or scientific inquiry that typically follows a plan, provides for orderly testing or evaluation, or seeks to meet stated performance goals.
  • The agreement establishes an understanding of how funds will be used or includes a line item budget that identifies expenses by activity, function, or project period.
  • The agreement requires fiscal accountability as evidenced by the submission of financial reports to the sponsor, an audit provision, or the return of unexpended funds at the conclusion of the project.
  • The agreement obligates the PI to report project results or convey rights to tangible or intangible properties resulting from the project.
    • Examples of tangible properties include equipment, records, technical reports, theses, or dissertations.
    • Intangible properties include rights in data, copyrights or inventions.
  • The agreement requires considerations such as indemnification or imposes other terms of legal accountability.
  • The agreement prohibits or inhibits the University or the PI from carrying out any activities normal to an academic setting (e.g., publication restrictions).

Serving Faculty

The Office of Research serves UCF scholars as the official liaison between UCF and funding sources and by helping faculty work through the proposal and contract management process.

This site includes information to assist university scholars through the announcement, application and post-award stages and to familiarize prospective partners with the breadth of funded research conducted at the university.

UCF is committed to the pursuit of excellence and intellectual growth and seeks to excel at moving ideas to innovation and realization. The Carnegie Foundation rates UCF as a "very high research activity" university. We’ve been on an upward trajectory for years and in 2021 UCF surpassed the $212.9 million dollar mark in external funding. UCF's pioneering efforts to commercialize technology continue to stimulate local economies throughout the state. The number of patents at UCF also continue to climb with 64 U.S. issued patents produced in 2021.

Budget Templates

Below you will find NIH and NSF budget templates. Although they are tailored for NIH or NSF, they can be used for developing your budget for any funding source.