International Shipping

Defense articles and associated technical data listed on the International Traffic in-Arms Regulations (ITAR) U.S.Munitions List (USML) always requires a license before being shipped to any country outside the U.S, except in limited circumstances, such as shipment to a military base overseas. Licenses are also required to import such items.

Commodities controlled under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) do not always require a license, depending upon the country to which the item is being shipped. Begin by finding your item or research activity on the Alphabetical Index to the EAR Commerce Control List (CCL).

Failure to obtain a license before shipping can result in penalties.

The Office of Export Compliance can:

It can take several months for a federal agency to approve or deny a license application.

Registration with Federal Export Regulators

The Office of Research & Commercialization is registered on behalf of UCF with several U.S. federal agencies that administer various federal export licensing systems:

U.S. Department of State – Defense Trade Controls Electronic Licensing System (DTrade): Licensing system for the export of temporary import of defense articles pursuant to the ITAR. 

U.S. Department of Commerce – Simplified Network Application Process Redesign (SNAP-R): Licensing system for the export of dual use items pursuant to the EAR.

U.S. Custom’s and Border Protection – Automated Export System (AES): Filing system for Electronic Export Information (EEI) and other shipping documentation required by U.S. Customs for licenses issued by the U.S. Department of State or U.S. Department of Commerce.

Shipper’s Export Declarations

U.S. Customs and Border Protection require the electronic filing into the Automated Export System (AES) of all international shipments that exceed $2,500 in value.  The filing is called a “Shipper’s Export Declaration” (SED). The SED filing into AES is required for all international shipments made under an export license regardless of value.  The Office of Export Compliance can properly lodge a SED on your behalf.