What is Science Communications?

A short introduction into the world of science communication. What is it? Why it matters and what are some of the barriers of effectively communicating science.


What’s Your So What?

Sometimes it can be difficult for researchers to separate themselves from the nitty gritty details of their research to create an overarching picture of why the work is important. This episode looks at how to dissect the most important components of a research project to help create a story that explains why it matters to everyone.


Ditch the Jargon

The greatest challenge in communicating research is figuring out how to best translate the science in such a way that it can be understood by a general audience, while still remaining accurate. Learn some techniques that can be used to communicate complex scientific ideas to the general public.


Reaching your Audience

It is always important to keep your target audience in mind, including their background knowledge, interest in the topic, and your goals in communicating with them. This episode explores ways research can be translated for a number of different audiences from the media and legislators to donors and children.


It’s How You Frame It

An important step in connecting your science to the media is learning how to best frame your work. In this episode, we explore how to best frame your research to develop successful media pitches that will bring your press.


Share Your Story

When reporters are looking for leads, they aren’t looking for p-values and correlations. They are looking for a story. This episode discusses how we can look beyond facts and results to shape an engaging research story.


Ace Your Interview

Whether it’s your first or your tenth, interviews can be intimidating. This episode walks you through not only what to expect when being interviewed for different media platforms, but also things like what to wear if you’ll be on camera, what kinds of questions to expect and using your voice to tell the story.


New Media

The growth of social media over the past decade has completely changed the game in which we seek out and digest information. This episode outlines the importance of using the new forms of digital media and the best strategies for building your presence.


The Next Generation

There are a number of classes offered at UCF in which students can learn and practice how to best communicate science. In this episode we speak to a group of students who completed one such course to get their opinions about why communicating science today is crucial for science to grow.


Work with Us

There are many ways the Office of Research can work with faculty on campus to help them disseminate their work to different audiences. This final episode of the season will outline the different ways research and university communicators in general can help share research news.