ORC Proposal Submission Process


Completed proposals, with all required signed internal documents, must arrive from the PI or department/college to ORC within normal business hours no less than five (5) business days prior to the agency required mailing date and time. If no due date is required by an agency, every effort will be made by the ORC Contracts & Grants team members to process your proposal within five (5) business days of proposal receipt. Proposals with hard deadlines will take priority to those with soft deadlines, in order to ensure hard deadlines are met.

A completed proposal consists of:

  • Fully routed PTF in ARGIS
  • Fully signed internal forms, as applicable
  • Complete internal budget
  • Complete and final agency required documents
  • Statement of Work, if applicable
  • Subcontractor documentation, if applicable (at a minimum):
ORC Location and Hours of Operation
The ORC is located in Suite 501 of the University Tower in Research Park. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, and all business must be conducted during these hours. If assistance is needed outside of office hours, well in advanced arrangements must be made with your assigned Contracts & Grants contact and approved by your Department Chair/Dean. Only exceptional circumstances will be considered.


Helpful Tips

  • Notify your ORC Contracts & Grants team member as soon as a potential funding opportunity is identified. This will allow the team to prepare for the submission well in advance and provide the optimum customer service.
  • Although agencies may have deadlines in the evening or on the weekend, the ORC offices close at 5PM and are closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The same deadlines apply even if the PI is able to submit the proposal directly to the agency.
  • When sufficient time is provided, this allows time for any errors in the proposal to be corrected within the agency deadline.
  • Some proposals may require coordination with other university offices. Therefore, sufficient lead time is important so ORC may coordinate with those offices, which may have varying schedules outside of ORC’s control.



















Submission Procedures

When a complete proposal is ready for submission to the agency, the ORC Contracts & Grants team member will submit the proposal on the university’s behalf. If the agency requires the PI to submit the proposal, the ORC Contracts & Grants team member will provide their endorsement for the PI to submit to the agency.

Once submitted, the ORC Contracts & Grants team member will provide a confirmation of submission to the PI for their records. The PTF will be approved by ORC and the proposal will be filed.


VP for Research Submission Requirements Letter


Once ORC receives the complete proposal, ORC will then:

  • Review proposal documents to ensure university and agency requirements are fulfilled
  • Review the internal budget to check for accuracy and completeness
  • Submit proposal to agency
The timeline allows the ORC Contracts & Grants team members to provide the highest quality of customer service for faculty and staff; adequate time to ensure the proposal follows agency guidelines; complete and sign necessary assurances, certifications and representations; verify the budget; initiate or receive subcontractor documentation; receive or initiate UCF internal compliance documentation; and have sufficient time to coordinate last minute proposal changes.

If changes are needed, the PI will be notified of the requested changes.


Submission Authority on Behalf of UCF

  • The Office of Research & Commercialization (ORC) Contracts & Grants team assists faculty, in one aspect, in pursuing funding from external and/or internal sources of support for their research mission.
  • The ORC is the only office vested with the authority to sign research proposals and contracts on behalf of the University of Central Florida.
  • The ORC must verify that a proposal is current, complete, and accurate. Therefore, ORC must review, approve, and sign all proposals, including those when UCF will be a subcontractor, prior to submission to the funding agency. Faculty members are not authorized to submit proposals without prior College, Department, Center, Institute, and ORC review and approval. The approval process is performed through the electronic Proposal Transmittal Form (PTF) in ARGIS.

Budget Templates


Below you will find NIH and NS budget templates. Although they are tailored for NIH or NSF, they can be used for developing your budget for any funding source.

Serving Faculty

The ORC serves UCF scholars as the official liaison between UCF and funding sources and by helping faculty work through the proposal and contract management process.

This site includes information to assist university scholars through the announcement, application and post-award stages and to familiarize prospective partners with the breadth of funded research conducted at the university.

Sponsored research at UCF is growing exponentially. In 2011 the university surpassed the $100 million dollar mark in external funding for the seventh straight year with $106.6 million. And UCF's pioneering efforts to commercialize technology continued to stimulate local economies throughout the state. The UCF Business Incubation program expanded to nine locations and multiple governments and communities served with the opening of a center in Volusia County, its ninth location. As a 2011 Carnegie Foundation "very high research activity" university, UCF is committed to the pursuit of excellence and intellectual growth and seeks to excel at moving ideas to innovation and realization.