UCF Office of Research & Commercialization Undergraduate Research Initiative

Total Funds Available: $40,000

Funding Activity Window: Summer B 2014 (7/1/14-8/15/14); Fall 2014; Spring 2015; Summer A 2015 (5/15/15-6/30/15)

Submission Window: May 1, 2014 - Jan 15, 2015 or until funding is exhausted.  NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED PRIOR TO MAY 1st. This competition is now closed.

Goals and objectives: The Undergraduate Research Initiative is designed to increase the involvement of undergraduate students in research and encourage them to pursue graduate-level research and study.

Funding: Awards of up to $3,000 per undergraduate student per year will be made to University researchers to provide dollar-for-dollar matching support for undergraduate research student wages (limit one per researcher). These funds can be used to provide match for new proposals or they can supplement existing contract and grant research.

Matching requirement: A one-for-one student wage (stipend) match commitment is required for this program.

Application Procedure:

  • Completely fill out the Undergraduate Research Initiative form.
  • Provide the Office of Research & Commercialization with a copy of the EPAF for the student with your matching account number for the student's wages. The Office of Research & Commercialization will periodically transfer half the student's cost from your matching account to an Office or Research account.
  • Limit one application per faculty researcher.
  • Application must be submitted electronically by email. NO PAPER COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Submission of Request:

Please submit request to:

Dr. Tom O'Neal, Associate Vice President for Research & Commercialization
University of Central Florida
Office of Research & Commercialization
12201 Research Parkway, Suite 501
Orlando, FL 32826

For more information, please contact:

Joshua Roney
Research Development Coordinator
(407) 882-0007