Tool of Trade Checklist

  To qualify for a “Tool of Trade” Certificate, the answers to the following questions must be NO: Yes No
1. Are you hand carrying a standard university laptop to any destination other than one of the 35 favorable countries?
2. Do you plan to travel to an embargoed destination?
3. Do you plan to take any information, software or technology for use in/with/by satellites, space craft OR do they have a defensive or offensive military application/adaptation or are otherwise regulated on the ITAR U.S. Munitions List
4. Do you know or have any reason to believe that the item or software may support the design, development, production, stockpiling or use of a nuclear explosive device, chemical or biological weapons, or missiles?
5. Are you taking any agents, toxins, microorganisms, pathogens, chemicals or nuclear technologies?
6. Are you taking any equipment other than those identified as qualifying as a “Tool of Trade” under the export regulations?

If the questions do not apply to the trip, the traveler may process the Tool of Trade Certificate without further export review. Please submit a copy to the Office of Export Compliance before departure. 

If the traveler answers yes to any of the export screening questions, the traveler should contact the Export Control Officer for further review and instructions. 

It can take up to 45 days to obtain U.S. Government approval for travel with equipment to sanctioned or embargoed countries or other destinations under U.S. Department of State travel warnings, or trips involving the shipment of equipment or biological materials.

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