Overview - getting started

1. Obtain an iRIS user account*
2. Submit an IRB Application through the iRIS submission system https://iris.research.ucf.edu/
3. Complete CITI Training - A requirement for all key study personnel

* iRIS is the online submission and approval system for UCF researchers to submit IRB applications, therefore all UCF key study personnel (KSP) must have an active iRIS account.

iRIS User Account Request

To request an iRIS account please follow the following steps 

1. Log into iRIS using your NID and NID password  https://iris.research.ucf.edu/
2. After signing in, iRIS displays the Account Request page. Please enter your email address, academic department, and justification (request purpose) for access to iRIS.
3. Click the Request Account button.
4. After clicking the Account request button, iRIS will display a confirmation message.

Your iRIS account request will be processed in 3-5 business days or less. You will receive an email notification when your account has been created. Upon first logging in you will be prompted to accept the Confidentiality and Security Agreement. After accepting the agreement you will be able to use your iRIS account.

Submit an Application in iRIS

Log into iRIS at https://iris.research.ucf.edu/From the homepage, under the Study Assistant tab, select “Add New Study.”  This represents the first page of the Application. Select Save/Continue to work through the Application.  After completing the Application, there are prompts to upload supporting documents.  All investigators must prepare and upload a written protocol.  Please utilize the Human Research Protocol Template and Instructions found on the UCF IRB website at http://www.research.ucf.edu/Compliance/IRB/Investigators/forms.html.   Also found at this IRB website link are consent form templates.

Supporting documents also include consent form(s), surveys, questionnaires, data collection sheets, letters of support from other IRB's, institutions, etc. 
PI’s must then "sign off" / submit the application.  At that point, all student PI’s will be prompted to route the submission to their Faculty Advisor.  In addition, all submissions must be routed to a director, dean or department chair for review/approval.

CITI Training – UCF IRB Requirement

To ensure the protection of human participants and meet federal regulation guidelines, all research investigators (faculty, staff, and students or key study personnel) must complete, and show verification that they have received appropriate training in such protections.  Besides the Principal Investigator, key study personnel include those individuals who have contact with subjects or subjects' private, identifiable information for research purposes.  UCF IRB has access to CITI completion records for those affiliated with UCF.  We update user training in iRIS as documentation becomes available.

For more information, please see the UCF Investigator Educational Requirements on the IRB website at  http://www.research.ucf.edu/Compliance/IRB/Investigators/training.html.    CITI is a free, online training course completed as your time allows.  The modules that most UCF researchers need are the GROUP 2 Social and Behavioral modules; additional modules deal with GROUP 1 Biomedical research. Click here for directions on how to access a CITI account.

An IRB application can be submitted in iRIS prior to completing the CITI training, but final IRB approval cannot be granted until all key study personnel have successfully complete the required training.