IRB Membership Representation

Michael Deichen, M.D., is the Director for UCF Health Services.  He received his Bachelor in Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida and his Medical Degree from the University of South Florida.  He completed a residency at the University of Florida in Family Practice in 1985.

Doctor Deichen currently serves as IRB Vice Chair and has served as an Affiliate Scientist on the UCF IRB since 2004.  He has participated as an investigator with various clinical trials and grants.  In 2005 he was co-selected for the American College Health Koster Grant for Innovation.  His publications include an assessment of the accuracy of web based health information and an overview of a mass pandemic flu immunization procedure. Doctor Deichen is a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, member of the American College Health Association and contributing editor to the Journal of American College Health.